BROG Distributors/Utah Coffee Roasters Adds New Dimension to “No Smoking”


Utah Coffee Roasters, the production arm of BROG Distributors, is excited to announce the launch of Utah’s first high-volume smokeless coffee roaster.  Our new Loring roaster uses a patented single gas burner system that provides heat for both roasting the coffee and for incinerating the smoke and odor produced during roasting. Other roasters use a secondary afterburner to incinerate the smoke. Afterburners can consume up to 400% more gas than the roasting process alone. The position of the Loring burner inside the cyclone separator and directly below the exhaust port creates an extraordinarily efficient incineration zone that consumes all smoke and odor before it leaves the cyclone.

Unlike conventional roasters, the air inside a Loring roaster is depleted of oxygen within moments of the green beans dropping into the chamber. This produces a unique, inert roasting atmosphere that protects the most delicate flavors in the bean while the smoke is drawn off, away from the roast, and incinerated.

Additionally, conventional roasters heat ambient air.  Loring roasters recycle the air inside the roaster, so seasonal changes in humidity and air temperature have no effect inside the low oxygen environment in the roast chamber. Loring roasters are also more consistent from roast to roast because they stay significantly cleaner in the drum & airways and are not affected by the build up of waste residue that affects conventional roasters.  In addition, the precision of our profile roasting controls guides each roast true to profile.

The installation of the Loring Smikeless Roaster was made possible through a partnership with Governor Gary Herbert, the Utah Department of Workforce Servcies and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.